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Copy Editing Pricing

Copy Editing addresses issues with grammar, usage, and syntax. We check for and correct typographical, spelling, grammatical, linguistic, and punctuation errors such as commas, semicolons, and quotation marks. 

*please note* This service doesn't include combing your manuscript for character development, plot-holes, or consistency.

Typical turn around for a full copy edit is 7 days*


$.004 per word

Billing example: If your final novel is 72,450 words.
72,450 x  $.004 = $289.80

It's that simple!

Understanding Book Editing
The What and When of it

Developmental Editor**
The "big picture" editor who focuses on plot, character development, theme, POV, etc. This is for writing guidance.


Copy Editor

Focuses on spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Addressed commonly confused words or phrases and ensures the consistency of capitalization, hyphens, numbers, and names. Already polished, this is a basic brush over.

Line Editor**

Deals with writing style and voice. Will point out awkward phrasing, repetition, telling vs showing, passive voice, dialogue, inconsistencies, etc. A structural dig into your finished draft.

Proof Reader
Ensures your final draft is as error-free as possible. The last eyes before it goes to print.

Acquisition Editor**
Works with a publishing company by acquiring manuscripts and evaluates the book's ability to sell (get published). The very last step before traditional publication.

**services not offered by Phoenix Quill Formatting

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