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Who doesn't want FREE things? I know I do!


I am always writing... whether it be poems for myself, short stories for anthologies, things for others, books, reviews, etc... I have apps on my phone specifically so I can write no matter where I am. My brain is constantly pouring things, ideas, and more out, so... I have to catch them somehow, yes?  I figured that I would give readers a chance to take a peek at some of my stories (in case you haven't read me before or didn't purchase the books they were published in or happened to miss something...). 


I hope you enjoy them. Love and snuggles, CLF









Billy Carver

co-written with Jason Mueller ~ originally published in All Hallow's Eve


Vacation Day

erotica ~ found in Clandestine Trysts


Toil & Trouble

intro to the "witches" ~ found in Clandestine Trysts



(wereleopards) ~ prequel Grip of Mortality


Light & Darkness



No Rites

prequel to Truth Seeker (vampire)


Breaking Point Success and Happiness

shorts written for VEUX magazine (Issue 17)


New Earth 

sci-fi detective short ~ published in EPIC! 




Flash Fiction pieces from 5 Minute Fiction 



Fourth Wall Friday  with Cabin Goddess


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