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Light & Darkness (pt 2)




They stopped at the bed-and-breakfast that Amon had been staying in to grab a few things before heading back to her place.

            "Or we could always just stay the night here, and then head to your place together in the morning," he suggested as he was going through to gather his things.

            "Yeah, that sounds so appealing to me, staying with a strange man that I hardly know, and sleep where he sleeps, then go back to the safety of my own place. Sure, that totally sounds like something I would do." Her utter sarcasm made him smile.

            "Well, I really don't see any major difference. I stayed at your place, now you can stay at mine? See? Fair!"

            "Yes, but you wanted to stay at my place the first time, and now you have to be there tomorrow for a delivery, that is not the same."

            "It's the same for me! And anyway, stop and think about this for a second. Take a deep breath and see if you can smell what I'm smelling right now," he goaded.

            "Wow, what is that delicious smell?!" she exclaimed, and did a little happy dance.

            "That is the owner of this place. She bakes all day, every day. She loves to set out little treats for people all the time, and she is the reason I knew there was a fairy here in the first place. She talks about you all the time."

            "Me? How does she know me?"

            "I don't know if she knows you, but she knows of you, and has been wanting to make something for 'the local fairy' for ages. You would make her whole day if you stopped in to speak to her."

            "Well, now I am certainly curious, how could anyone resist the smell of those sweets? That is enough to make my wings tingle," she said with a slight giggle. "Okay, that might be exaggerating a bit, but you know what I mean."
            "You? Exaggerate or be anything besides sweet and innocent? Never!" he said, and then grabbed her hand leading her to the kitchen.




They entered the kitchen with a tiny knock, and the owner twirled around to greet them. When her eyes locked onto Letty, she squealed in excitement, jumping and clapping her hands, then ran over to Letty, and hugged her.

            "Oh, my stars! I am meeting a real, live fairy! How exciting is this?? Okay, maybe not as exciting for you, but hi! I'm Judith. Huge fan. Well, I mean I guess it's sorta stupid to say things like that to someone that isn't a celebrity, but I just adore you!"

            "Oh, thank you? What have I done to receive such excitement? I'm just me," Letty said as red creeped up her cheeks, threatening a full on blush at any moment.

            "Well, I have heard tons about you, and done lots of research. I'm certain you are to blame, or thank, for the Aurora, aren't you? And those moose in that field last year, it was you that saved them, right? So many other things over the years. I just know you are like an angel, but only in fairy form! You are such a sweetheart. Oh! I have sweet cakes made! Would you care to have a few? Or, all of them? Come, sit, eat!"

            Her excitement was almost overwhelming to Letty, but she tried to take it all in. "Thank you for your notice. Umm, I did save the moose, it was just a little ice melting, no big deal. I admit I do play with the Lights sometimes. How did you even know fairies exist anyway?"

            "I saw one when I was just a little girl, and have done research. I have believed in them every since. Your kind is just so amazing, and beautiful. You do so many good things for the world, I just want to scream. and hug you again!" as she raced around the counter and squeezed Letty for all she was worth.  "My goodness, I'm so sorry, I'm crowding you. I'm just very excited. When Amon told me he was searching for a fairy, I immediately knew he was in luck, and that you would help him!"

            "I'm not sure how lucky he is, but I am trying to help him, yes."

            "May I ask how much of the rumors are true about you, dear?" she asked as she handed Letty a heaping plate of sweet cakes, and a cup of tea.

            "I'm sorry, ma'am, I don't know what rumors are spoken about me. I don't typically come to the non-magical side of time, and speak to humans," she said in apology as she bit into a sweet cake. "But, oh my goodness have I been missing out! This cake is incredible! Thank you so much!"

            As Letty continued to munch on the sweet cake, Amon walked to the side table to help himself to some lunch that she had laid out for the other guests.

            "Amon, honey. I made you a few special things. They are in the fridge if you'd like to go grab those while you're already up."

            "Oh thank you Judith, Can I do anything else for you while I am up?"

            "No, honey, but thank you," she said as he walked further into the huge kitchen before turning back to Letty. "He's a good boy. When I figured out he was a demon, I was so shocked. I've never seen a well-behaved demon before."

            Letty's eyebrow quirked up, "But you have seen a demon before?"

            "Oh Heaven's, yes. Many times. There was one that used to run this little medicine shop down the street, but he went on vacation a few weeks ago. His assistant told me all about it when he was in here the other day fixing my broken cabinet.  I know all about the magical side and human side of town. A lot of people don't realize that because they are so self-absorbed, but I like to wish that things were different in the world, and see things for what they truly are. I also like to see the good in people, and I love that I can see it in both of you. It makes me a lot less afraid of the magical side of town, that's for sure!"

            "Well, the magical side can be scary sometimes. If you venture there, please be careful. I think it's very sweet that you see the good in us. I think we are all both good, and bad in many ways," she agreed as Amon returned with a huge bowl of salad.

            "Your treat was a salad?" Letty asked incredulously.

            "Why are you so shocked, fairy-girl?"

            "Because you are huge, and a guy. Besides that your backpack had all nasty junk food in it."

            "Wow, when you make that disgusted face, I can feel the love, really. I keep things that will sustain me in my backpack. I choose things that are either packed with nutrients, like protein in the jerky, or loaded with fat like the other things, so that I can survive longer in the cold. That’s why I keep them handy. I don't choose to eat those things; I prefer foods from the Earth," he ended, and then shoved a huge fork full of salad into his mouth.

            Judith's chuckle was followed by, "See, dear? Things are not always as they seem."

            "Yes, I am starting to learn that more and more, ma'am."




After finishing their snack, they thanked Judith for a lovely time, and accepted the small baskets of food she prepared for each of them.                   Letty's was full of sweets, fruits, and all-natural chocolate. Amon's basket was however full of vegetables, nuts, and chocolate covered something. Letty couldn't figure it out, but it smelled amazing.

            "So, stay here tonight, or go back to your place?"

            "What would we do here all night?"

            "Sleep, of course. What else?"

            "Didn't you say you wanted to watch a movie?"

            "You would watch a movie with me? You said you didn't watch them!"

            "I used to watch all the time, but I put training on the front line. This gives me my way of getting everything else I enjoy in life as well. Sure, I will watch one with you, but no funny business. Keep your hands to yourself."

            "Yeah right, like I'm willing to lose a finger, or my whole hand just to touch you. Pfft!"

            "Well, as long as we are clear, cool. Let's go."




The night was more fun than Letty had had in a long time. She laughed at a hilarious movie with Amon, they talked about their lives before they were cursed, and banished respectively, and talked about what they wanted out of the future.

            It turned out that Amon wanted to start his own business, and stay in Alaska. He wasn't sure what kind of business, but he liked being around other magical creatures, and just felt like he belonged. Even when his demon would be cleansed, he hoped he would still feel the connection to this place he had come to love.

            Letty agreed that she loved the town, and most of the people in it. She had problems with only a few people, but those were usually troublemakers in the first place. If someone had to deal with their crap, it might as well be her! She said she wanted nothing more than to go home and be a part of her royal lineage to make changes in magical laws, and be "somebody."

            After some time, Letty mentioned that she was tired. Amon offered her the bed, and he would sleep on the floor. Seeing that the bed was a "giant" King sized bed, as she so lightly put it, she said it would be okay for them to both sleep there as long as he maintained his good boy act all night, which he readily agreed to, and they went to bed.




She woke up to the sound of something crashing. Maybe it was just a bad dream?


            Nope, not a bad dream.

            She moved to get out of bed, but her hand met flesh and she jumped. In fact, her face and body were all pressed against flesh. Amon's flesh.                 Oh, goodness.

            She was about to slap him to wake him up, and scold him, when she realized that he had not broken the rules about the night, she had. She was on his side. In fact, she was all the way on his side of the huge bed, curled up beside him, with her head on his ches,t and her arm wrapped around his waist. A full snuggle in progress.

            She looked up to meet his eyes.

            +"Well, good morning to you, too, evil. You look so shocked, and angry that you are next to me. You are going to give me a complex," he teased lightly.

            "I'm so sorry. I have never slept next to someone before, and I didn't know that I was, or that you were, or… I'm just sorry. I didn't mean to do that."

            "It's okay. Really. If the worst thing that happens to me all day is that I woke up with your body touching mine, then I will put a check-mark in the win column every time."

            She blushed and apologized again, then heard the crash once more.

            "What is going on down there?" he asked.

            "I'm not sure. I woke up because I heard it, too. Surely Judith isn't angry, and randomly tossing things around in the kitchen?" she asked with a low chuckle. "If she made something wrong, she might do that. She is certainly proud of her kitchen. Rightfully so. She is a great cook!"

            "You woke up daydreaming about food, babe. How cute is that? Okay, let's go see what the fuss is all about, shall we?" as he began to rise from the bed. He stepped into the bathroom to grab his toothbrush, and brought one out for her also, that was all ready to go. "I always have a spare brush."

            "For such occasions?"

            "No, it’s just me, backpack, extra bag. I never know what I'm about to do," with a chuckle.

            "Good point," she said as she stepped toward the center of the room for a brief stretch, accepted the toothbrush, and began brushing her teeth also. She headed to the bathroom to spit and rinse ,then came back to the room. She threw on her shoes, and stood, waiting for Amon.

            "Ready?" he asked.

            "Sure, but let's be quiet about it. I just got a bad feeling, and my hands started to tingle. That usually only happens with another Otherworldly creature is around, and using their powers,"


            "Wait, you didn't question me just now." Her hands dropped to her sides.

            "No, why would I do that?" he asked as he fumbled with his shoes.

            "I said that something wasn't right, and you believed me."

            "Of course I did, babe. You're a smart woman and you know how to handle yourself. I have no doubts in your abilities."

            She stood in the center of the room, looking stunned. Amon took a step closer to her.

            "What's wrong? Are you okay?"

            "Yes, I'm just fine. Thank you. For everything."

            "I haven't done anything, but you're welcome."

            He went to step past her to open the door, and she reached up, grabbed his neck, and brought him down to her. Her lips smashed into, and then devoured his lips. He steadied his footing, picked her up, bringing her closer to him, and kissed her with every fiber in his body.

            When the kiss broke, both looked at each other, smiled, and then kissed again. This time, they were feeding from each other's lips the kiss was more passionate, and almost desperate.

            After a few minutes, they broke the kiss. Amon slowly placed Letty back on the floor, and took a step back.

            "Oh, um. I'm sorry about that," Letty said blushing slightly.

            "Hell, I'm not. That was the second best thing to happen to me today already. My day is going pretty damn well. Though, we do need to go see what is going on downstairs still," he said with a gentle chuckle, now it was his turn to blush.

            He took her hand, and led her out of the door down the back steps to the kitchen. Lucky for them, the stairs weren't old, and creaky to give away their approach.

            Amon toed the door to the kitchen open to see Judith tied to a chair, and a man yelling at her in a language he didn't understand. She looked scared, and had a bruise on her cheek.

            Letty stuck her head around Amon, "Why is something that speaks Gaelic yelling at Judith?"

            "You speak that language?" he asked looking incredulous. "Does that make him an Irish thug? Because, that's a lot less scary than a random dude that just walked into the joint if you ask me."

            "I don't speak it, no, but much of my family does due to heritage. I'm not sure what all he's saying, but I caught that he's asking where 'they' are, and what 'they' did with 'it'. Whatever that means."

            "Who are 'they'? Did he give any clues?"

            "No, but I have a feeling it's us. What do we have that someone would need or want?"

            "Nothing, yet. We are supposed to meet Selene soon though."

            "Oh no! My house! I wonder if they went there first? Though, I don't suggest that to any humans," she said with a mischievous chuckle.

            "Okay, if it's us they want, then let's give it to them."

            "Um, NO? We had to get Judith out of there, then get to my place to see if we can protect Selene. If it's us they are after, they might hurt her too, and I just can’t let that happen!"

            "Okay, new plan. Let's bust the door down, you use your fairy power stuff to knock him over, and I will grab Judith."

            "Dude, you're a demon, don't you have any powers?"

            "Well, I'm incredibly sexy, isn't that powerful?" he asked with smoldering eyes, and pouty lips.

            "Seriously?" she asked looking bored.

            "You weren't complaining a few minutes ago!"

            "But I am now, so get used to it."

            "Okay, okay. I do have some power but its strength, and dark. I don't really want to use either of those. I'm scared I will hurt someone with it. I will use it if I have to, though."

            "Okay, well at least we have a backup plan if I fail."

            "As if , you wouldn’t know how to fail? Let's do this," he said as he stepped forward into the kitchen. "Well, look what's going on here. A breakfast party, and I wasn't even invited? That's a little rude, dude."

            The assailant's eyes grew wide when he laid eyes on Amon for the first time. Amon was a sight to behold, and huge to boot. The assailant must not have been briefed on what he was going to be up against.

            "You!" the man said with a weird Irish twang to his speech.

            "You, too! I need you to step away from the nice lady, and come outside so we can have a little chat. Won't take but a minute," Amon offered.

            "Fuck you! I have come for the potion. Give it to me!"

            "See, you don't even have your facts straight before coming to a fight all unarmed, and stupid. I don't have any potion, and I seriously have never fucked a guy, nor do I plan to. Not my cup of tea, but thank you for the sweet offer. Can I offer a rebuttal to that and say, get the fuck out of this nice woman's kitchen, or my girlfriend here is going to melt your soul?"

            "Your girl.."

            "Honey, really? Now is not the time."

            "Is that a yes, asshole? Going or melting, in case you forgot the options."

            "I said 'Fuck you!'" he said as he started toward the pair.

            "You heard him, babe. He said 'Fuck you'" Amon said with a small grin.

            "I hate to do this to ya, buddy, but you leave me no choice."

            Letty stepped in front of Amon, and her hands filled with white light. They immediately formed into a large ball in front of her, and she tossed it toward the assailant. The ball hit him, and knocked him several feet back, and onto the floor. The ball encompassed his whole body, and he started to simmer immediately.

            "Judith, come on, let's get you out of here," Letty said as she made quick work of the knots in the rope. "Yes, please take her out of here, I'll be out in a minute."




Letty stepped into the cool morning with a smile on her face.

            "Your kitchen might not ever feel the same to you, Judith, but I assure you, it's as if nothing happened in there. Are you okay? How did that man get in?"

            "Thank you, both. I was so scared! I am okay, just a little shook up. Can I get the two of you anything? You saved my life, I think."

            "No, ma'am, we don't need anything, but you didn't answer how he got in," Letty pressed.

            "He came to the door about an hour ago, and it was very early for the breakfast crowd, but I was already up making sweets. I was hoping you would take some with you when you left today. Anyway, he knocked and asked for breakfast and coffee, so I let him in. He just followed me in the kitchen, tied me up, and went on a rampage breaking things. It was so scary. I've never seen him before in my life! Where did he come from?"

            "We don't know, ma'am, but he won't ever be coming back. If it would be okay with you, I'd like to get my friend, Selene to come put a protection spell on your house. You deal with people often. It won't stop them from visiting, but it will stop evil from entering. It's just a little gift for you, if you will allow me to do that for you," Letty offered with a gentle hug to her new friend.

            "That would be just lovely, dear. But, wait, does that mean Amon couldn't come in? He's a demon." Judith's concern for her friend was etched across her brow.

            "Amon is no more evil than you are, ma'am. And, we are actually headed somewhere now to fix his little problem anyway. Right?" she asked as she took Amon's hand.

            His stunned look at her show of affection made him unable to answer at first. "Yes, that's what we are doing right now, Judith. I will come back in a bit to check on you though. Are you okay for right now?"

            "Yes, dear. I'm fine. Thank you. You go ahead with your lady and I will be here when you get back. Maybe you both can return later for a late lunch? I'll make us something delicious!"

            "Sounds like a great plan, ma'am," Letty answered for them.

            "Okay, see you later," Amon said giving her a small wave with his other hand. "She called you my 'lady' and you didn't fight back with her. That took some willpower, I'm sure!"

            "Well, the way I see it is, we've officially slept together, battled a troll, that's what he was, gross thing! We've spent a full day together, and neither of us has died. I kissed you, and you didn't mind that, and we are heading off to take care of something very important for you and doing that together, so… that just makes us seem like a couple, even if you don't want us to be, or we aren't officially."

            "There is such a thing as a troll? That guy was huge though!"

            "Ha! Is that all you have to say to all of that?"

            "Oh, no problem, you're my girl. I proclaimed it earlier, this was just you getting around to your agreement speech. Thanks babe," he said, as he gave her a kiss. "Now let's go check on your house."




Her house was damaged, but not broken. The magic she had in place to protect it did a trick on whoever had tried to enter.

            It was before the time that Selene said she would arrive, so Letty felt confident that her friend was safe. She sat at the base of the tree her house was in, and pulled Amon down to sit next to her.

            "So, what's next? I mean, after your demon is removed. Do you think you will remember me?"

            "Of course I will remember you! The demon is inside of me, it is not me."

            "Yes, but it lies dormant, and doesn't change who you are. Why are you so adamant to get rid of it?"

            "I'm scared I will hurt someone else that I love. I can't chance that."

            "Yes, well, I was the same way. I've been spending all of this time in exile trying to sharpen my skills, so that I can go back to what I was before, but I am changing into something new, and better. Now I don't even think I want to go, and be somewhere that I wasn't accepted for not being perfect."

            "That's true. The people here really seem to love you. Maybe you could get a more permanent home, and stay close? I would love that," he added.

            "Yeah, I think that wouldn't be too bad. Plus, then I would have access to delicious cakes all the time. Judith is a master in the kitchen!"

            He chuckled, "Yes, there is that! And, you have a new boyfriend that would really be missing you if you ran away now."

            "Oh, don't go getting all mushy on me now! Enough of this sitting and waiting, let's head towards Selene's, and see if we can meet her halfway. I feel antsy. I just want to run around!"

            "Babe? What if… what if I didn't get the potion from Selene? What if I stay like I am? Would you be scared of me?"

            "Pfft! As if I was scare of you to start with? No. You are who you are, and I accept that."

            "Okay, then it's settled. I won't change, and neither will you. Deal?"



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