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Nuts & Screws

 CL Foster ©2014

***sexual/erotic content***


I should be completely horrified that I am enjoying this so much right now, Diana chided herself as she browsed in yet another random aisle at Home Depot. Always the do-it-yourself type of girl that didn't want to depend on a man, she made sure she practiced, learned, and did things on her own as much as possible. If she couldn’t figure it out, she would pay someone to do it. As long as she never needed to ask anyone for help or favors, all was well in the world.

She arrived at the store with a new project in mind to put some shelves in her bathroom closet. Who doesn't want more storage space for your bathroom things? Even very un-girly people needed more storage space.

It certainly appeared as if she didn't own a mirror by the way she was dressed. Her paint-spattered, hole riddled jeans and t-shirt ensemble was quite becoming of her true nature and was recently her most worn attire when venturing out. The plain baseball cap was the icing on the cake. No need to get all dressy to buy tools and such. Each project she recently worked on was stained or ripped onto the fabric in various places and ways.

She finally made her way to the aisle with brackets, screws, and other "make things stay where I put them" tools and looked through the zillion (give or take a million) choices before her. She shimmied her way down the aisle, in search of brown or black brackets because her walls were all painted some odd color and white would stand out way too much. A few steps later, she slammed into something solid and gasped when she realized it was a man.

"Sorry dude, I didn't see you there," she muttered as she skated around him and went to the other side of the aisle.

Wow, that guy is sexy and smells yummy! Where the hell did he come from? I've never seen him here before, she pondered as stole a glance over her shoulder to the stranger. She noticed that the man might not be what everyone else would consider "sexy" but to her, he was delicious. Tall with shoulder-length wavy brown hair, strong yet soft looking hands, sensitive eyes, and a killer smile. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Totally casual and a "normal" guy in every sense of the word, but something shimmered behind those sweet eyes to tell Diana that he could be very much dangerous in the right situation.

I bet he could totally manhandle me. Maybe he could fuck me crazy enough to forget what I am doing. Damn! How does a girl get a guy like that home with her, she contemplated as she tried to focus on her task at hand, but failed miserably. Curiosity got the best of her and before she knew what she was doing, Diana turned to the stranger. "What are you looking for? You need help? Looking for a good screw?" she joked.

The horrible pun was not lost on the stranger when he responded with, "Depends, ma'am. Do you work here or are you in the habit of being a good Samaritan and helping random strangers find things? Or are you offering a good screw?" he retorted with the sexiest Southern drawl she'd ever heard.

Oh nice, a smartass with a voice that played hopscotch all over my libido. Thanks! "Um, no, I don't work here but I'm in here all the time and you look lost. Need help or not? I'm afraid I'm fresh out of good screws." Maybe the I-can-be-a-smart-ass-too eyebrow twitch will show him who's boss?

"Oh, I wasn't trying to sound rude, you're too cute to work in a place like this," he shot back with an apologetic grin. So sexy. Don't do that, man. You don't know what you're getting yourself into…

"Don't try to stroke my ego, dude. What are you looking for?" her faux-annoyance sounding more authentic than ever.

"I'm building shelves for my parent's bathroom and I need some brackets that will work for their colored walls. White will be weird."

Ha! Was he serious? That would seem creepy if it wasn't so awesome.

"What a coincidence! That's seriously why I am here also. The same exact reason, in fact. Guess that was great timing, huh?"

"Yes, I suppose," he answered as they browsed the aisle together looking for the same merchandise.

"I hope you know that if there's only two packs of them when we find them, that they are mine. That's your only warning, dude," Diana threatened playfully.

"It's Allen and you're on!"

They turned their shopping into a game and, of course, as with everything else she attempted, Diana won. Lucky for Allen, there were multiple packs of brackets, enough for each of their respective projects.

With their purchases in hand, they headed toward the front to pay for their items and Diana said, "You know, you remind me of someone."

 "Yeah? Who?"

"The guy I tell my friends about tomorrow that rocked my world tonight," Diana stated flatly while staring directly into Allen's eyes. "Or do I have the wrong guy?"

A look of complete shock washed across Allen's face and then was replaced by one of the biggest smiles Diana ever saw right before he said, "As a matter of fact, you have the right guy." With superhero-like speed, Diana's face was in Allen's hands, her back against the shelves, and his lips on hers. "Busy now?" he husked.

"Not at all," she responded with a grin. Challenge accepted.

They managed to pay for their items and get out to the parking lot before Allen shoved Diana against her own car and said, "Are you daring me to go home with you? Or were you playing a game with me, miss?"

"Oh, I never joke that way, sir. Many women won't say what they want, but I am not like those women. I don't want you for a relationship or to do things for me. I want you for sex, that's it. Can you handle that?"

Looking stunned, he replied "Well, of course. I will not say no to a chance at amazing sex with a beautiful woman. Any man would be a fool to turn you down. I'll take care of you if you let me, ma'am."

"Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Get your car and follow me," she ordered. Without skipping a beat, he trotted off to his car and did as he was told.




The ride to Diana's house was quick. During the drive, Diana was thinking about how excited she was to have a playmate for the night. She was never good with relationships and liked to live and be alone, but everyone has needs. Many times, she thought of asking a random stranger to come home with her, fuck her until she cried, and then go away with no strings attached, but was always hesitant to do so as society sees women in a different way than men. Guys could fuck everyone walking, and that's normal, but if a woman has more than a few partners, she is seen as a whore. Too bad for them, Diana decided she is going to get what she wants from now on and not care what the world thought of it.

Allen, on the other hand, was overcoming his shock of being hit on by the gorgeous tomboy so that he could fully enjoy the experience. Not being accustomed to random women hitting on him and generally being shy and always seen as a "good ole boy", Allen was never the one to speak first or make the first move typically, but she made something in him more carnal, and he liked it.

She pulled into the driveway and signaled Allen to park beside her instead of behind. "I don't like to be trapped in my own driveway. Nothing personal!" she chirped as she skipped up the front steps and walked straight into the house. The door was unlocked as if she didn’t have a care in the world or was worried at all about intruders.

"Great, she doesn't lock the door and she doesn't want my car to block her in. She's either got a huge attack dog in there or is a serial killer, and I'm totally walking into a trap," he said so low it was nearly a whisper. "This is what I get for thinking with my dick and taking a chance. I should go but… I can't," he confessed to no one in particular as he followed into the house while sending up a prayer that he could make it out alive.




When Allen entered the house, he was immediately stunned. Diana seemed so tomboyish and tough, but the inside of her house was so inviting, calm, and pretty. Cozy furniture over-filled the sun-drenched living room space that smelled like a mix of vanilla and cinnamon. A vase of flowers sat on the tiny coffee table in the middle of the room along with a brightly bound copy of "Finding Your Inner Badass" by Dr. Evans looked worn and tired on the coffee table. The artwork on the walls was simply that - true artwork. Prints of Escher, Bouguereau, Chirico, and more covered the walls showing her love for 19th Century art. Bookcases lined a wall to the left of the room were packed with books on History, Economics, Science, and other subjects as well as fiction books in a range of genres and some first editions. What an interesting mix Diana seemed to be.

A tiny bell sounded to the right, and he saw a kitten tramp over to Diana in greeting. She scooped up the kitten, snuggled it to her face whispering something he couldn't make out and then headed toward the kitchen. Allen wasn't sure if he should follow, so he stood in the middle of the room, feeling very out of place, but intrigued at the woman he could still see from where he stood.

Not tall or skinny at all by general standards but she was healthy and athletic looking. He saw her at the store, but now that she was in her comfort zone, her smile looked more relaxed and natural, her face glowed, and she seemed more like the girl that fit with the beautiful house. She reached up and removed the baseball cap, and all of the air forced itself out of Allen's lungs when he saw the cascade of dark hair fall from it, tumble down hair back, and end directly on her ass. She was a deadly mix of everything sexy there could be in a woman, and she was within reach.

Lost in thought, Allen didn't realize that Diana popped back into the room.

"All set?"

"Umm yeah. Yes. You?"

"Aww, did you get all nervous on me? I won't bite. Well, maybe I will but I promise you will like it. Come this way." She calmly turned on her heel and began walking down the hallway past the kitchen and headed toward the back of the house with her hair bouncing ever so slightly off of her ass; hypnotizing Allen to follow quickly.

The hallway was painted a rich shade of green and covered with more art. Diana's bedroom was the furthest place in her home from the front door and yet another surprise to Allen. It was completely dark except for the paper-lantern styled lamps on each of the two nightstands. They cast a soft glow around the room only helped him see the King-sized canopy bed that stood proud in the center of the room. Something about the room made Allen feel tender and peaceful one moment and then desirous the next.

A tiny breeze came through from somewhere and woke him up from his daydream and when he turned his head to see where the breeze came from, Diana was suddenly in front of him with her hands on her hips and a sexy smirk teasing her lips.

"Are you ok? You seem intimidated. You know you can walk away now, no hard feelings? Promise I won't think poorly of you," she joked with a chuckle.

"Yes, I am great. The more I see of you, the more I like. That's all. Are you nervous?"

"Nice to know that you like me, thank you. I'm not nervous. It's sex. If you aren't doing it right, I will let you know. Deal?"

Another stunned silence passed, and Allen was able to speak again, "Deal. You're a firecracker, aren't you?"

"So I've been told, handsome. Now here's the deal," she began as she handed him a condom, "I have a clean bill of health, and you seem like a good, wholesome fella, but I like to be and feel safe. This is for you," she handed him the foil package, "don't be shy. When the time comes, slap that baby on and we will be golden. Any questions?"

"One? Have you done this before?"

"No. I have thought about it many times and have always wanted to know what it would be like to have a one-night stand, but never met anyone that struck my fancy," she answered honestly.

"I see. And I somehow won this honor how?"

"Do you really want to talk our way through this or do you want to fuck? I don't need a therapist, I need to cum and I want you to help me do that. I can do it on my own, but that's not nearly as fun."

A slow grin crept across his face as he moved toward her. Just as she thought, he was going to say something to her or kiss her, he wrapped his arms around her waist and threw her on the bed. Her stunned smile fueled him and within seconds he was on the bed, straddling her hips.

"I think you get off on having the upper hand in things, and you think that because you initiated this, and we are in your house that I have to be your little bitch, but that's not how it goes, ma'am. Not at all," he said with an impressive growl as his hands touched the hem of her shirt and tugged it playfully.

She opened her mouth, probably to complain, and he put a single finger to her lips, "Shh, I am busy, miss. You can chime in with anything beneficial or positive, but if you are going to complain, I just want you to shut up."

Without skipping a beat, he got up, removed his own shirt and climbed back onto the bed and over Diana's body. Griping the hem of her shirt, he raised it placing tiny kisses, licks, and nips to her stomach, ribs, and breasts. Almost painful in his pace, he took his time and savored each movement he made.

He reached under her and with one snap of his fingers, he unclipped her bra.

"What a fancy garment to be wearing under work clothes, ma'am. Are you always in the habit of wearing sexy things like this?"

She opened her mouth to answer, but he quickly silenced her again with a glance this time.

"No, I don’t need you to answer that at all, but I am curious if the panties match now. Shall I?" he asked with a quirk of his eyebrow. She stayed silent this time. Good girl.

He removed her bra agonizingly slow. One breast was free, then the other. He finished removing her shirt and carelessly tossed both the shirt and bra away and stared appreciatively at her breasts as he moved in and took one nipple into his mouth and gently tugged and licked it until he felt her shiver. His head rose, and he blew cool air across her already hard nipple. "I feel that things should be fair so what one gets the other does, too," and he moved to the other breast and began his second torture session.

He started moving down her torso again. When he reached her belly button, he playfully nipped at her as he worked the button and zipper on her jeans. With far more skill than she anticipated, he opened the button, unzipped and removed her pants quickly.

"These panties do not match that bra, you rebel!" he quipped, "but they might be sexier than that bra, and I didn't think that was possible. I love these cute little bows. You would appear super innocent if I didn't know you brought a strange man home with you to friendly-fuck."

Her eyes sparkled devilishly as he leaned toward her and lightly bit her mound through her panties. He petted her and kept eye contact with her to ask, "This? Is this what you wanted?"

"Mmm…" Her back arched a little more with each stroke.

"I said I would take care of you and I will."

She moaned, and her hips jerked toward his touch and he pulled his hand away. "Such a greedy girl you are!" he chided impishly before leaning back to her, moving her panties to the side, and gifting her with one long, slow, tormenting lick. He stopped, and looked at her before flicking his tongue on her clit once causing her hips to buck again. He turned his head and placed tender kisses on her thighs, hips, and pelvic bone as he slowly slid her panties off.

Allen looked up to Diana's face to make sure she was watching him. Their eyes locked as he inserted a finger into her and made miniscule movements. The movement was enough to cause her head to loll back and her eyes to close. He suddenly stopped and her eyes snapped back to him. "I will take care of you, but you will watch as I do. I want you to see. Watch me make you cum."

He inserted another finger and increased his pace while still holding her gaze. Her eyes blazed, and she acknowledged his order with a low-groan that seemed to emanate from within.

Without warning, he resumed his action and tenderly thumbed and licked her clit in the sexiest punishment she ever received. Her sharp intake of breath spurred on his effort. Her hands flew to his head to hold him in place, in a silent plea for him not to stop. He teased and pushed her to her limit with an expert touch until her thighs shook, and her moans could no longer be stifled.

Within moments, she was screaming and writhing erratically, "God! Oh God!"

"Mmm, that's a good girl," he murmured approvingly as he sat up on the bed.

He moved up to her, but she stopped him with a swipe of her leg. Before he knew what was going on, she was on top of him looking more devilish than before.

"Oh no, no, no, sir. I know you didn't think you were going to control everything, did you?" she teased with a barely registered giggle that sounded dangerous and sexy as she leaned over and bit him on the chest lightly. She quickly glided her tongue over the spot she'd bitten dulling the small pang that shot through him. Her tongue flicked and sizzled across his torso in pure torture. Her pace was either aimed at killing him or giving him the greatest pleasure ever. He wasn't sure which.

Lower she moved, touching, licking, and nibbling everything in her way. She bit and tugged the button of his jeans and looked up at him. The mischievous glimmer in her eyes boosted his need more as she rubbed his erection through his pants.

"For me? Don't mind if I do," she purred as she began removing his pants so slowly, he was sure she was doing it on purpose to make him cry.

"Please!.." he began but stopped as soon as her fiery eyes locked onto his.

"I survived. You can, too," she challenged with a sassy eyebrow quirk. Devilish vixen!

She removed his pants and discovered that he was certainly not what she expected also. Commando.

Eyes on the prize, she angled herself, so her ass was in the air and went to work on him. He watched as she savored every inch, devouring him slowly in pure worship. Her mouth was so hot it scorched his flesh and made him want to wail in agony. She stroked, licked, and sucked him exactly as he wanted her to. Not too fast, not slow, with the exact amount of suffering he wished for and craved always. She moaned as she relished in her work, milking the prize for all it could give.

He felt his temperature rise after only minutes of being inside of her mouth and realized he was about to cum. He was curious if she swallowed, but decided to wait for later to find out. In one swift movement, he grabbed her by the waist, flipped her over, and had her on her knees in front of him, her hair fisted in his hands, and his cock sliding into her without mercy.

She tensed and breathlessly managed, "Condom?" He answered with a simple flick of the wrist, landing the empty foil package to her right. Damn, he's stealth!

Allen placed his palm on her back and bucked his hips in perfect rhythm with Diana driving his cock so far into her that she wondered for a brief moment if it were possible to sustain internal injuries from a night of amazing sex.

He held her steady in place while picking up his pace and trying to not hurt her. He thought he was in full control when Diana pressed her ass back toward him and jerked her hips, a tempting invitation to any man that Allen took as a "give me more" sign and he did what was wanted from him. He pounded into Diana, quicker strokes, more power, all of him.

Allen pulled her torso up so that they were both on their knees. He wrapped his free arm around her waist, pulling her back flush to his chest. He released her hair to cup her breast for a moment and began moving his hand lower between them. He lightly rubbed her ribs and belly on his descent. At her entrance, his fingers took pause, and he felt himself sliding in and out of her; warm juices flowing onto his fingers. He found her clit and lightly stroked it on time with his own movement. His breath was huffing onto her neck from exertion and excitement.

"So good!" he growled hungrily.

The mixture of sensations finally broke Diana. Her breathing became shallow and frantic. A deep purr escaped her, and she could hold back no longer. "FUCK YES!" she screamed as she found her release.

Moments later, Allen's body tensed as he howled following his own release. His pace slowed, but he didn't stop moving for another full minute, riding out his orgasm until the very end. He held Diana close to his chest for longer than he realized, both panting and on the verge of collapse, but staying strong to hold each other up.

Finally, the moment passed. Allen released Diana, and they both rolled onto the bed on their backs; sweaty, exhausted, and fully sated.

"Restroom?" he asked.

"Oh, through that doorway to the right. Your eyes are probably adjusted to the light by now. If you can't make your way, let me know, but don't expect me to get up," she teased.




No one had ever been fucked like that. Diana knew that with certainty. As she nodded off to sleep waiting on Allen to return from the bathroom, she hoped he would stick around for another round when she woke up. Finally, all of her exhaustion caught up to her, and she was able to sleep, so she decided to take advantage and drift off to dreamland.




Allen returned to Diana's room to see her sleeping peacefully. He smiled at her cat-like pose on the bed, still completely naked with no blanket or other covering.

"For once a man doesn't need to make a crude joke about wearing a girl out," he joked to the air. "I guess that is my cue."

He gathered his clothes and dressed quickly, stealing glances at Diana often. Once he was fully dressed, he stood and pulled the comforter over Diana. "We can't have you getting all cold now, ma'am," he mumbled and then kissed her forehead. "Guess goodbyes are easier when one person doesn't have to participate."

He walked quietly through the house and paused at her kitchen counter. The paper and pen that sat there were calling to him, so he paused to write a small note:



          What an incredible evening! I know you said it was for one night, but if you want to see me again, maybe you can find me shopping for my next project or hobby at your local hardware store. You helped me find my screws so well. Thanks!

           Also, it seems like you have your inner bad-ass completely unleashed.

Yours, Dr. Allen Evans




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