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Other Services Available through Phoenix Quill:

Proof-reading / Synopsis Writing / Non-Fiction Formatting



One final pass on it on your shiny, new novel!

The last eyes to check for any errors remaining before you click "publish".



$.002 per word

Billing example: If your final novel is 56,000 words.
56,000 x  $.002 = $112.00

or just an additional $25 if adding on to the copy-editing package.



Typical turn around for a full proof-read is 3 days*

Synopsis Writing
We've all been there - you're done writing or asked to sum up your awesome book in a few lines and your brain does a small, almost painful death. 
Don't die! Just book me. I'll fix it for you!


$15 - full novel
$5 - short story

Non-Fiction Formatting

As non-fiction novels tend to be for educational purposes, photo-heavy, and has special needs, formatting them takes more planning, precision, and teamwork. We do this kind of formatting, but request that you contact us for planning and a quote.

Please refer to Terms of Service or Contact Us​ for further questions.

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