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But, why do I need your services? 

I'm glad you asked!


Book formatting is a standard interior design process that turns your brand new book baby into a custom, polished, well-designed, easily-read file to upload in order to present your story to the world. Your format will match the theme and feel of your work. Readers deserve the cleanest and best-presented version of the story you worked so hard on. An attractive layout is not only a gift to your readers, but shows just how proud you are of your work. You did the hard part, not its our job to make sure it shines.

Professional fiction paperback formatting is important in order to showcase your work in the strongest way possible, which includes page numbers, headers, footers, and everything in between. 


Formatted e-books feature a dynamic layout to ensure your book looks and reads well when viewed on any size and shape e-reader or device.

Phoenix Quill is here to help first-time to seasoned authors accomplish their goals with ease.

Typical turnaround for a format is 2 days*



Self-editing is a great start for author, but every book needs a fresh set of eyes to check it over before publishing. Even New York Times Bestsellers and politicians need someone to fix their mistakes. No one is perfect. 


We offer Copy Editing services, which include addressing issues with grammar, usage, and consistency. We check for and correct typographical, spelling, grammatical, linguistic, and punctuation errors such as commas, semicolons, and quotation marks. 

Typical turn around for a full copy edit is 7 days*


You finished your book, have it cleared through beta-readers and an editor, but need a final pass on it?

We do that, too!

Typical turn around for a full proof-read is 3 days*

Synopsis Writing​

So, you wrote a book and you're certain you know what it's about. It came from your brain, after all! But now someone wants you to condense that into 150 words or so for the back of a paperback or for an interview. You can't chop your brain-child up into tiny pieces, but we certainly can. 

Any stock images, special fonts, artwork, author photos, ISBNs, dedication pages, acknowledgements, or other information and links are to be provided by the client.


​* schedule permitting


Please refer to Terms of Service or Contact Us​ or our Facebook for further questions.



Phoenix Quill is not responsible for authenticity of images or written work provided by clients for publication and is solely a facilitator of document conversion, formatting, and editing for publication.

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