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Vacation Day

CL Foster ©2013

***sexual/erotic content***


The high-pitched blaring hacked through the serenity of the night. A flailing of hands, cursing, and temperaments soon followed.

"It CANNOT be morning already! I fell asleep like ten minutes ago," Sophie wailed on the verge of tears as she stood, turned off the alarm clock, frowned at the angry red 5:30 a.m. staring back at her, and made her way to the kitchen to start making coffee. "Another day in paradise!" she muttered sarcastically as she left the room.




After starting the coffee, tidying up the house, making breakfast, and packing lunches for the kids, herself, and her husband, Sophie made her way back to the room to start getting herself ready for work and truly start her day. A quick shower would raise her spirits and get her day on the right path. Of course, the caffeine-drip she installed in her veins while in the kitchen was a nice start, but there was nothing like being clean, caffeinated, and in control.

She stepped into the bathroom and slipped off her robe when twelve tiny legs mowed her down and took over the already small space. She righted herself quickly and continued inside the confided area to work around her two children and their two dogs. Apparently, they needed a place to hang out and six o'clock in the morning was their favorite time to want a family-snuggle in the middle of the bathroom. Their next favorite time was any time that she was busy doing something, such as cooking, doing laundry, sleeping, and breathing. Yeah, no one believed in boundaries in their house.

"Guys, I have to get ready for work and you both have to get ready for school. Breakfast is on the table, lunches are packed, and we are on track. Okay? Everyone does their part and this machine runs smoothly, right?"

A fit of giggles halted the kids as they said, "Yes, ma'am!" and scampered off to do as their mother asked with their furry friends at their heels.

Her audible sigh of relief immediately turned into an annoyed huff when her husband walked into the bathroom next. No privacy, ever.

"Can you help the kids get ready and make sure they eat breakfast without fighting and make sure they both have fruit and milk, Matt? I just want to take a shower in peace. I need five minutes to myself. Can you do that for me, please?"

Still groggy, Matt kissed his wife on the cheek, grumbled his acceptance of her chore, and shuffled out of the room to give his wife her reprieve.

"Thanks," she managed before he was completely out of earshot.




Sophie leaned her full bodyweight on the door to open it and shoved her way into her house, which she lovingly dubbed "the zoo." As expected, the house looked like a small hurricane passed through and littered the floor with cookie crumbs, papers, toys, and random other things she was certain she didn't want to identify.

She kicked off her heels, put her purse and arm full of litigation on the table beside the door, dropped her keys, and began her evening routine of cleaning, cooking, and showering after everyone else goes to bed. She usually worked after that to catch up on work and then tried to pass out before the witching hour in preparation of tomorrow's repeat performance. Same stuff, different day.

The night went by quickly and without many excess obstacles. Sophie focused all of her remaining energy into her work and managed to breeze through her paperwork for the cases coming up next week. An unexpected call from the District Attorney landed a few more cases on her work load for next week, but nothing unusual. She began some research for those from the files that her boss sent over before decided to call it a night.

She ambled to the living room and announced to Matt that she was in dire need of rest and excused herself. She took a quick shower and managed to get in bed before it was technically the next day. More exhausted than she realized and on the verge of tears, she rolled over, said her prayers, and closed her eyes.




"Sophie? Sophie. Baby, wake up,"

Dazed and glassy-eyed, she rolled over to find out what could possibly be so important to wake her from the first real sleep she was able to sneak in ages. The first glance at the clock on the nightstand shined 11:18.

I've slept only minutes? It feels like much more than that.

Sophie huffed, blinked, and shook her head slightly, then looked again. The time remained the same, except now her eyes could focus and she could see the a.m. part. She shot out of bed like a Greyhound out of the starting gate.

"Oh God, are the kids okay? Why didn't you wake me up? Did the alarm not get set? Oh no! I forgot? We can handle this, let's make a game plan. Why are you just sitting there? Get up and help me," she pleaded with him.

A sweet grin crossed Matt's face as he bound off the bed and gathered his wife to his chest. "The kids are fine, baby. I got up with them this morning and got them off to school. I planned with your job and mine for us to have today off together so that you could rest because you haven't been sleeping well for quite some time."

Suspicion clouded Sophie's tired eyes and then anger flared there. "You decided for me that I will take a day off? We need that money. You can't simply choose what I will do in a day. We are supposed to be a team and discuss things. What is this all about, Matt?"

A pained frown crossed his face and, as he looked at the ground, he explained, "You have vacation days saved up since you work so much and so do I. We will both still get paid for the day, so we are not missing out on any money. I only wanted you to rest and to have some time with my wife. We are a team, but as this team, we aren't having any one-on-one time, and that's not okay with me. I miss my wife. We haven't been alone since before the kids and I want time with you and only you. I am being selfish and I'm sorry that I'm not sorry. I think I have the right to be selfish with my own wife from time to time, don't you? Is that so terrible?"

Understanding dawned in her eyes as a wave of shame washed over her. "I'm sorry that I assumed and am freaking out. It's been so long since I took a day off and there was no warning this was coming and you know how I am with worry and stress and planning. It's difficult for me to give up control and I'm sorry. I need a shower and some coffee and then maybe we can find something to do until the kids get out of school? What else is your plan?"

"Well, I am so glad you asked!" The usual glimmer returned to his eyes as he update his wife on his grand plan. "The kids are actually not going to be here tonight at all. I've arranged for my parents to have them for the night for dinner and a movie followed by a little sleepover. We are staying right here, in our love nest, hidden away from the world, and we will savor time together. Just you and me. Will that be okay with you, my beautiful wife?"

A blush she hadn't felt in years rushed her cheeks and she timidly asked, "What is your plan for us today at home? Sleep? Cheesy movie and even cheesier pizza? Want me to make you some lunch?"

"You will not be cooking or cleaning anything today, baby. Only you and me and the things we love most. You do too much and today's my day to take care of you, so I'm going to make lunch. Why don't you get started with your shower or bath or whatever to wake you up and then join me in the kitchen?"

"You're right this sounds like an amazing day. I'm sorry I doubted you or copped an attitude. This was unexpected. Thank you!" She smiled and snatched her husband's shirt and pulled him to her to give him a hug.

"Also, I plan to make you exhausted by ravishing you over and over until we both pass out from it," he said directly into her ear before placing a tender kiss to her neck and turning to head toward the kitchen. He casted a devilish grin and a wink over his shoulder as left the room.




For the first time in ages, Sophie took a shower without anyone interrupting her or having something to do directly afterward. It was refreshing in many ways.

She padded across the carpet of their bedroom and sat on the bed to brush her hair and contemplate what to wear for her day. Her eyes glimmered suddenly as she decided the perfect outfit for such a day.




Matt was busy in the kitchen preparing a light lunch when he heard Sophie glide into the room. He looked up from his work and dropped it immediately. Salads forgotten, he was solely focused on the vision in front of him. His wife, usually dressed in a smart suit for work or "kid proof" outfits was standing in their kitchen, in the middle of the day, wearing only her smile.

"I couldn't think of a thing to wear, so I decided on this. I hope I'm not overdressed." Her eyes danced with laughter and happiness; other things Matt hadn't seen on her in a long time.

"Actually, I was kind of hoping you would wear that. I'm feeling a little too fancy now though," he said with an appreciative once-over look at his wife as he stalked around the counter to her. "I nearly forgot how beautiful you are," he said as he wrapped one hand behind his wife's neck and the other at her waist to pull her to him properly for a deep kiss.

"Well, I certainly don't want to interrupt your fine culinary skills. By all means, finish your job, I'm starving," she said, but her eyes flared in something much more carnal.

"As hungry as I am for lunch, I am ravenous for you. It can wait," he said, taking her bait. Without warning, he picked her up, turned around, and placed her on the counter. "Now this, this is lunch."

Her cheeks blazed and she frantically started looking for something to cover herself. "Stop picking me up! You are going to hurt yourself. Are you sure you don't want to go to the bedroom?"

"Please stop being ridiculous. Your body is beautiful! Stop trying to hide it," he argued while taking the dish towel out of her hand and throwing it carelessly on the floor. "I love your curves and everything that is you and I can definitely handle it. And no, I do not want to go to the bedroom." He punctuated the end of his sentence with the finality of his head nod that let her know he meant business. To further his point, he pulled her by her hips to the edge of the counter and kissed her hungrily.

When he broke the kiss, her ragged breath made him smile. "That’s much better," he said approvingly before kissing her neck and collarbone. He moved so slowly and with purpose, savoring each spot on his wife's body. She was always self-conscious about her body, but Matt always loved how shapely she was and called her "stacked" when talking about her to his friends, though he would never tell her that out of worry it would offend her.

Always one to keep up appearance and "look" perfect on the outside, she never felt she was good enough or deserving of attention from others. Going with how she projected, Matt left her without proper attention for far too long, which is where he got the idea for the vacation day alone. He saw their routine and her exhaustion and couldn't stand for her to suffer one more day without a reminder of the beautiful person. She was always sexy and amazing to her husband, and he still loved her as much as ever.

 He dipped his head lower and took one her nipples into his mouth. Her breath became uneven and turned into a moan immediately. Yes, neglected far too long for sure.

He released her nipple and devoured her mouth in a feverish kiss. Figuring where her tongue ended and his began would have been impossible. His hands were on either side of her face making sure she couldn't escape the kiss. They softened the kiss momentarily and went back to feverish, as if it were their last kiss, neither wanting to break away.

Finally managing to end the kiss before consuming each other, Matt kissed the other side of her neck and collar bone. When he sucked in her nipple and gently bit down, she yelped, and her head fell back in a moan that he felt all the way to his bones.

He sunk to his knees and pulled her closer to the edge, baring herself to him. He kissed her thighs and palmed her center. Rubbing, stroking, and teasing her until she shivered and opened to him more, nearly begging him to taste her. Not one to deny his wife's wishes, he took one slow, tormenting lick to her. The response was a wail of ecstasy that spurred his efforts, his ears rejoicing at the sound. Taking his time with slow licks then faster ones to her center, he drove her insane. To push her further, he softly placed one finger inside of her and moved in rhythm with his licks.

He stopped his ministrations with his mouth to steal a glance up at Sophie. So beautiful and completely lost in the moment, he couldn't deny her happy ending. Diving back in, he added another finger. Her moans became so low they sounded feral. His movements remained unhurried and purposeful. He pushed each of her limits until he could hear that she couldn't take anymore. The animalistic growl that was escaping her pushed him to increase his speed and soon she was riding out her orgasm as he drank her passion.

As he stood, the glazed and sated look in Sophie's eyes made him smile. He was still able to please her. Without a word, he scooped her up and headed to the bedroom. She wrapped her legs around him lazily and clung to him, unable to protest.




Sophie couldn't remember when she was so relaxed and had so much fun with Matt. They cuddled and talked about things besides their kids or work and laughed together for hours. During one chat, he gave her the most exquisite foot massage she ever felt that ended in a horrible tickle fight he started by biting one of her toes. In an effort to protect herself, she tackled him and tickled him until he nearly cried and then she ran off. Their game of chase and tickle lasted the rest of the afternoon and they eventually ate their lunch around dinner time.




Sophie stood to take the dishes to the sink after they completed their lunch or dinner or whatever they wanted to call it. Should have technically been breakfast since they didn't eat anything all day, but who needed titles for things?

Matt took the dishes from her hands and put them back on the table. He spun her around and gingerly perched her on his lap.

"You know, I have no idea why this shirt is in my wardrobe at all. It looks much better on you anyway," he stated while grabbing her ass and pulling her closer to him.

"Well, baby, you have to have things to wear when out in public. I would truly hate for some random woman to die of a heart attack when she sees how incredibly sexy you are. I also would hate to feel like I want to hunt her down like a rabid animal. So see? You wearing it works out better for everyone involved and saves lives. You're a hero," she giggled.

"Fine, I will be dressed when I am not at home and when around our kids, but I say we institute a new rule for nighttime. A few new rules, in fact!" he declared.

"Oh? Do tell," she pressed with a tiny grin.

"I say we promise each other from now on that we do no work after the kids go to bed. That each night we take that time after everyone else is asleep and simply enjoy being together. Just me and you in our love nest with no distractions, no emails, no phones, nothing but us. What do you say?"

"But, I have to work and I have things sometimes and…"

He silenced her with a quick kiss, "Baby, when you have things that have to get done, we can work around them, but I really love this time with you and I miss it. We need this to stay connected. We need to have each other in more ways than just being the team that keeps our family running smoothly. We are not machines, you know?" he asked looking hopeful.

"I know. You are right. I keep putting my work and stress and things before you, and that's not right. I seriously cannot remember the last time we simply sat here like this and talked and enjoyed a meal together when I wasn't working or scraping carrots out of someone's hair or from the ceiling," she huffed out her frustration.

"So then it's settled, I get to have my wife every night and everyone else can see what they can get out of you for the rest of the day, unless you're too exhausted."

The mischievous glimmer in his eyes looked very much like a dare to her. "Oh, is that so? Well, I don't feel worn out in the slightest bit. I might fake tired and go to bed now." She pretended to yawn and stretch in his lap.

"We can go to bed whenever you want, but we are not sleeping yet."

"Another trick up your non-sleeve, smarty pants?"

"Oh! Panties!

"What? You have panties up your sleeve?" she asked stunned.

"No baby, another rule, no panties in the bedroom. I need to add that one," his smug satisfaction on remembering such a seemingly small detail made them both chuckle. "Well, we know that you are the one with the sleeves right now as you stole my clothes, you thief, but yes, I have all sorts of plans. You can pick A, B, or C to find out what our next adventure is."

"Oooh a game! Ummm, I pick B! What's my prize?"

"This," he said confidently and stood with his wife still on his lap and again carried her to the bedroom again.

"Aren't you sick of carrying me places yet? I can walk, you know?"

"What you can do and what I want you to do might be two very different things. I am enjoying our closeness. Behave," he commanded as he settled her on the edge of their bed. "Stay here, I will be right back."

"Ooh, a surprise still?" Her eyes shimmered with excitement.

He leaned forward, placed a tender kiss to her lips, and stalked off to the bathroom. She heard rustling and then the twist of the handles indicating the bathtub was being filled. The air filled with a mix of aromas that she couldn't quite place but managed to immediately soothe her. Matt appeared in the doorway moments later with his hand out, beckoning her to come to him.

She leapt from her place on the bed and shuffled to him. "What, no taxi service for this one?"

"Well, you complained, so no more for you!" he jested. "Plus, you were so close and I wanted to see you walking around in my shirt one more time before I strip you and have my wicked way with you."

Her cheeks flushed and her hand fluttered to her chest. "I should be used to your voice when you say anything but tonight your voice is more exciting than ever. That sounds weird coming from someone that has heard you talking for years, doesn't it?"

"No baby, not at all. You and I are very in tune right now, and I think you might be mirroring how I feel."

He took her hand and led her into the bathroom where the bathtub was filling slowly in the dimmed lights.

"So, I will have a bath and then you plan to make me all dirty again? Doesn't seem quite right," she chuckled.

"Who said anything about you being alone in the bath? And the night is still young, I might make you dirty a few more times. Good thing we have plenty of water, hm?"

"And towels," she said with a shallow breath.

"Yes, that is really important," he murmured, pulling her closer to him. He took the hem of the shirt and pulled it slowly over her head and dropped it on the floor. "I'll pick that up later," he said with a smile.

"Shall we?" he asked as he stepped into the bathtub and lowered himself, sending bubbles flowing in every direction. Steam was rising off of the water giving the room a dreamier quality than Sophie noticed before. She timidly stepped into the water, checking for temperature. When she determined that it was appealing, she crouched and sat in the tub, between his legs.

Using a washcloth and scented body wash, he washed and massaged her body lightly, beginning with her neck and back. Next, he reached around in front of her and massaged both of her breasts with soap covered hands, pulling her closer to him with each stroke. Pinching and rolling her nipples slowly, he released one and rubbed lower with the washcloth until he stroked her entrance.

She moved her ass against his erection in the bubble-filled space and hummed her enjoyment, "This is my new favorite way to take a bath."

A light burst of amusement escaped him, "Yes, I think this should be added to the nightly rules."

"Yes, yes, as long as you don't stop right now, you can add whatever you want to the rules," she said urgently as he continued to stroke her under the water.

"I'm sorry, baby, but I have to stop," he said sounding non-apologetic.

He picked her up, then turned her to face him, and lowered her onto his cock slowly. "Not that I don’t want you to enjoy yourself, baby, but I want to enjoy you also," he announced.

"That is an acceptable change," she barely got out before the next moan forced its way out of her mouth.

She rode him wickedly slow and steady, her breasts rubbing his chest as she moved up and down, riding the waves. He placed one hand on her ass, keeping her pulled closely to him, and the other went to her breast to work her nipple over as she milked him.

The pace quickened as her need started rising. Matt moved his hand from her nipple and slid it back under the water. He quickly found her center and gently rubbed in time with her ride. Her pace quickened more as she was approaching release and moments later, she was splitting apart and bellowing her satisfaction into the foggy room.

Her pace slowed, but she didn't stop. "Now it's your turn, baby," she purred to him.

"Mmmm yes, baby. So fucking sexy." His voice didn't want to work properly with her writhing on top of him like she was. Her pace evened out and she gripped the edge of the tub for leverage. The slight change in position made Matt hit the exact spot at the exact time he needed, and he roared with his release, "God yes!"

She rode out his waves of orgasm and then gentle moved off of him, parting them in one intimate way and replacing it with her body being plastered across him in the tub.

"You can still rock my world, baby," he said proudly.

"You always have been able to rock mine, I forgot that for so long. Thank you for the reminder and for this amazing day. Today was the best and I'm really glad you took the initiative to tell me what to do. Maybe that can be another thing on our list of things we must do! You can be the master, and I can be your slave…," she said only half-jokingly.

His eyes flared suddenly. "Be careful what you wish for, baby. This was only a one day vacation. For something like that, I'm going to need a week or more to make sure I'm doing it right."

"As if you can fuck me wrong? Impossible."

"I prefer to think of it as 'Making Love with Perks', but your way is nice, too."



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